Octopus, a kind of smart creature that catch subjects tightly through their tentacles. Inspired by this, DZOFILM unleashes the possibility in exchanging among different camera systems. Under that name, DZOFILM adapters connect and catch the lens tightly sa an Octopus does.


Precise & Solid Connection
Solid    |    Gap free    |    No Wobble    |    No adjustments needed    |    Remain Precise
Precise Structural Design & Tight Tolerance 
Reliable & Solid Fit
No Degrade of Lens Performance Enhanced Durability with Stainless Steel Mount
Strengthened Support
1/4 Screw Support Design, change the center of gravity from lens mount to adapters. Effectively decrease the load on mount.
Reducing Internal Reflection
Fine internal flock coating, excellently diminishes the internal reflection in barrel.
Infinity Focus Maintained
Tight tolerance of machining requirement + Precise back flange distance NO adjustments needed. Infinity focus maintains accurate.
Multiple Mounting Solution
Abundant camera systems, applicable for RF/L/E/X mounts he call for multiple and flexibility is one of the characteristics among new era. And now it become true with DZOFILM Octopus adapters. All-metal construction with precise flange distance, allows you to connect more possibilities .