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PL-RF / L / E / DX / X , EF-RF / L / E


PL-RF / L / E / DX / X , EF-RF / L / E

Octopus, a kind of smart creature that catches subjects tightly through their tentacles. Inspired by this, the DZOFILM adapter holds the lens to the camera body tightly as an Octopus does and keeps it secure during use.

Demo Video

Tight Tolerance

High Precision Machining.
No back flange adjustments needed.
Infinity focus maintains accurate.

Weight as light as


without base

Precise Fit and Solid Connection

Active-locking system eliminates play, gap or wiggling when mounted on adapter,
no adjustments required.

Solid, Compact
and Reliable

Aluminum-alloy components for weight reduction. Stainless steel construction prevents any physical changes due to temperature fluctuations.

Strengthened Support

1/4 Screw Support Design, change the center of gravity from lens mount to adapters. Pure mechanics guarantees durability and stability without performance degradation.

Reducing Internal Reflection

Special light-absorbing material flocking inside the
adapter prevents unwanted reflections.

Multiple Mounting Options

Expand the compatibilities with most PL/EF mount lenses in the market, and widely applicable to abundant camera systems. The PL-DX adapter can be used on DJI RONIN 4D without calibration.

DZOFILM Octopus Cine Lens


name Octopus
Colour Black
Lens Mount PL EF
Camera Lens Mount RF E X L DX RF E L
Material Aluminum Alloy
Weight ≈352g ≈390g ≈403g ≈354g ≈167g
(without base≈154g)
≈261g ≈299g ≈259g
Dealer to purchase