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DZOFILM Releases Vespid Full Frame Prime


DZOFILM seems to be on a roll this year. Hot off the heels of the Pictor Zoom, today they introduce the new compact Vespid Prime.

Lens Kit A 6pcs PL

DZOFILM seems to be on a roll this year. Hot off the heels of the Pictor Zoom, today they introduce the new compact Vespid Prime.

DZOFILM states that the lenses are nimble and agile like a wasp; here is where “Vespid” comes from.
The lenses are compact and lightweight, with a 46.5mm image circle so that they can be used on large-format cameras with minimal breathing during focusing.

Specification EN



EF and PL User swappable

Flange Distance

52(PL) 44.14 (EF)

Image Circle

46.5 Full Frame

Front Diameter


Filter Size

Threaded 77mm

Gear Pitch


Iris Blades



270-degree rotation 90 Macro is 300-degree

Close Focus

25/35mm – 0.3m/1′

50mm – 0.37m/1.2′

75mm – 0.6m/2′

100mm – 0.7m/2′ 4″

125mm – 0.79m/2′ 7″

Apeture Range

25/35/50/75/100/125mm – T2.1-T22

90 Macro – T2.8-T22

25 EF 1

25 EF 135 EF50mm ef75 EF90 ef100 EF125 EF

The Vespid has six focal lengths and one 1:1.5 macro lens. They include a 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm(macro), 100mm, and 125mm. The Macro 90mm is T2.8, and the rest of the set is T2.1.

Lens Kit A 6pcs PL

PL Mount Set

Light and Portable

Weighing only 732g-940g. With an 80mm front diameter and a 46.5mm image circle, Vespid are applicable for most full-frame or vista vision cinema cameras in the market.

Mechanics Build

25 EF

The lenses have a uniform front diameter, gear position making it easier to swap out lenses without readjusting the focus motor and matte box.

The lenses are all metal with a solid build. DZOFILM states they have a butter-like rotation. They feature 0.8mm pitch gear on the focus and aperture ring, with a 270° focus throw of the focus ring.

Round Bokeh and Neutral Color

DSC00526 1

With 16 blades diaphragm, Vespid generates a pleasing round Bokeh with a close to 0.3m or 11.8 inches focus distance. The prime lens series is a balance between modern and slightly vintage with neutral color with minimal breathing.

Price and Availability


The retail price for a 25/35/50/75/100/125mm T2.1 is $1249 each, while the Macro 90mm T2.8 (1:1) is $1499.
DZOFILM offers a special discount if purchasing a whole set (seven pieces) for only $7799 (packed in a hard case). And $6499 for 25/35/50/75/100/125mm T2.1 if you don’t need a macro.

The Vespid lenses have removable mounts but you have to choose between a PL or EF version when ordering, but an additional PL mount or EF mount will be available at a later date. An interesting addition is a detachable rear ND filter. Not much information is available on this but could come in handy.

Photo by Perry Ho

The lenses will be available for pre-order on B&H and Adorama, and other locations on November 6th. The Macro 90mm will be shipping in late December, while other lenses will be shipped by the end of November.

DZOFILM is also working on a wide-angle 16mm, which should be available in the spring of 2021.

To make DZOFILM lenses compatible with more camera systems, adapters and extenders are also being developed. They are working on PL-X/E/L/RF adapters for release next month.

The set looks nice and the price like their other lenses is very good. 2020 has been a good year for camera and lenses!