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DZOFILM S35 Tango Zoom Lenses Released With Large Zoom Ratio Covering 18-280mm

Announcing Tango Zoom


The Tango Zoom Series is DZOFILM’s another masterpiece, with the name inspired by the spirit of the dance genre “tango” – two persons though can contribute to a captivating presentation. Likewise, the Tango Zoom Series of two lenses, i.e. 18-90mm and 65-280mm featuring a fast aperture from T2.9 and zoom ratio ranging from 4.3x to 5x comes as a fabulous combination, being flexible to fit into various shooting needs and evoking marvelous ideas to present creative production with different focal lengths.


Tango Zoom 18-90mm/65-280mm


Superb Cinematic Sense of Tableaux

Thanks to multi-layer anti-reflective coating technology, the blue enchanting flares generated give rise to an aura of modernization. Coupled with round and dreamy bokeh, excellent parfocal function, minimal focus breathing and moderately sharp image, the Tango Zoom Series creates a dense and distinct cinematic sense of tableaux with color consistency throughout the lineup. Furthermore, the Tango Zoom keeps unavoidable defects of lenses to a minimum such as distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberrations, ensuring an immersive visual experience with unrivaled brilliance.


More flexible and Smoother Production Experience

With optional servo compatibility, the Tango Zoom can be seamlessly integrated with ENG cameras, enabling remote control of focus, iris, and zoom settings under broadcasting, large-scale events, and versatile shooting scenarios. Besides, to ensure parfocal function operates smoothly while changing focus lengths in zoom lenses, the lineup is thoughtfully equipped with a back focus ring to allow adjusting the focus effortlessly within ±0.5mm.


Tango Zoom with Servo (optional)


Fluorescent Markings for Practical Operation

It's noteworthy that the ingenious design of fluorescence ink applied in all focus rings, zoom rings, and aperture rings markings enables easier recognition of parameters on the lens barrel in the darkness for focus pullers and camera operators, facilitating improved work efficiency in situ.


Fluorescent Markings


Pricing and Availability

Starting today, the Tango Zoom Series is live on the market and available among DZOFILM authorized dealers and distributors globally. The Tango Zoom 18-90mm is valued at 8,599 USD, 65-280mm at 10,999 USD, and purchasing a set of two lenses can get a small discount at 17,999 USD. All lenses are packed in hard cases (the bundle will be packed in two separate cases). These lenses will be shipped in middle September.