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DZOFILM Expanded Its Lineup With S35 Pavo 2x Anamorphic

INTRODUCING Pavo 2x Anamorphic


Named after a kind of peacock –Pavo Muticus, which is common in the tropic forests of Southeast Asia, the Pavo 2x Anamorphic with two different coatings boasts great appeal and friendliness for filmmakers who are keen on creating wide-screen videos. Moreover, this brand new series of DZOFILM in all-metal body adopting a blend of black and space gray prides itself on catering to medium-to-high-budget production. Consisting of 6 lenses from 28mm to 100mm in T2.1/T2.4 aperture, they can also work well with full-frame cameras if paired with the DZOFILM Marlin expanders.



Creating An Immersive World of Visual Storytelling

Combing Super 35 and a 2x squeeze factor, the Pavo Series are veritable anamorphic lenses, being compatible with various cinema cameras and providing alluring waterfall bokeh. The 2x compressive factor offers a broader FOV, presenting more details directors would like to express through background with protagonist's natural reproduction on screen.


Featuring Tableaux of Distinctiveness And Texture

With the design of blue and neutral coating, the Pavo lenses generate horizontal blue or other different flares under multiple lighting sources, creating tableaux of mesmerizing and cinematic scenes while maintaining clarity. Apart from outstandingly controlling classic barrel distortion featured by anamorphic lenses, the Pavo Series also excels in minimizing chromatic aberration even under wide open, and reproducing natural skin complexion and vibrant colors.




Inspiring More Creations Possible

Breaking the stereotype of bulky anamorphic lenses, the solid yet lightweight Pavo weighing 1.2-1.6kg with a front diameter of only 95mm is easy to carry and suitable to apply in drones and Steadicam shooting. The minimum focus distances across all focus lengths are shorter than we expected in general anamorphic lenses, enlarging possibilities to bring out as diverse scenarios as possible. The consistent fast aperture T2.1 of 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 55mm, 75mm, and T2.4 of 100mm ensures excellent image quality even in low light conditions and provides a more cost-effective shooting solution.



Convenient Back Focus Adjustment

PAVO lenses feature a built-in back-focus adjustment, enabling precise adjustment while adapting to different cameras or changing mounts, making the workflow more efficient and fast.


Pricing and Availability

The Pavo Anamorphic 2X lenses with optionally imperial and metric scales are available to order in all DZOFILM dealers. They will be offered in two coating versions, blue and neutral. Each single lens is priced at 5499 USD and packed in hard cases. A bundle of three lenses at will is discounted at 15,999 USD with one hard case. A set of six lenses offers a discounted price of 30,999 USD ( shipped in two separate cases).


All lenses will be shipped in early October (while 100mm and its relevant bundles will be scheduled in December.)