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Ultra Wide for Exquisite Visual Expression丨DZOFILM Launches Super 35 Pictor 12-25mm T2.8 Wide-angle Cine Lens

On February 16, DZOFILM launches its brand new Pictor 12-25mm, the widest in Pictor Zoom series.


On February 16, DZOFILM launches its brand new Pictor 12-25mm, the widest in Pictor Zoom series. When you are tired of swapping lenses, Pictor 12-25mm is suitable for much of your day-to-day purposes, including landscapes, snapshots, portraits and more. Compatible with Pictor Zoom series, Pictor 12-25mm is faithful to the natural image style and reproduces colors of the original. The overall gental sharpness and cinematic look, the round bokeh and balanced colors on Pictor series present clear and delicate images.

0.4m (15.74’’)Closer Minimum Focusing Distance

Pictor 12-25mm shows excellent performance at the wide-angle end. With more details presented, 0.4m (15.74’’) meets the needs of short-distance shooting and creation in a limited space. By visually drawing the distance between the audience, the characters and scenes, the sense of participation and immersion is enhanced.

Parfocal Design

Pictor 12-25mm remains in focus even focal length changes, which allows filmmakers to zoom in or out on a subject without refocusing.

Compatible & Efficient

Improve mechanical consistency in all aspects. Mounting systems support PL and EF mount interchangeable. Pictor series can be adapted to E/RF/L/X/Z via DZOFILM Octopus adapters. With DZOFILM Marlin 1.6x extenders, the lens image can be magnified to cover FF/VV format and be compatible with larger sensor cameras. 

Excellent Picture Edge Performance

Pictor 12-25mm has better control on curvature of field and optical distortion, creating a more subjective perspective by bringing audiences into the image.

Slight & More Compact

As the most compact lens in Pictor series, the length of Pictor 12-25mm is only 150mm-159mm. While compact design results in low weight1.6kg/3.5lbs.

Negligible Focus Breathing

Smooth transition runs through all the zoom-in and zoom-out in the creation.

Price & Availability

The price of black DZOFILM Pictor Zoom 12-25mm T2.8 cine lens is $2889. The black bundle of Pictor 3-lens kit with safety case (12-25/20-55/50-125) is $7999. The price of white 12-25mm version is $3089. The white bundle of Pictor 3-lens kit with safety case (12-25/20-55/50-125) is $8199. DZOFILM will start to ship Pictor 12-25mm (black) from the end of February, while the white version from the middle of March.