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The Crimson Rivers (TV series) Season 4 —— Shooted with Vespid Primes


The Crimson Rivers (French: Les Rivières pourpres) is a French-Belgian-German crime thriller television series created by Jean-Christophe Grangé and first broadcast in Romandy since 6 September 2018 on RTS 1. Season 4 have been released so far.

The Crimson Rivers (French: Les Rivières pourpres) is a French-Belgian-German crime thriller television series created by Jean-Christophe Grangé and first broadcast in Romandy since 6 September 2018 on RTS 1. Season 4 have been released so far. 

Interview Vincent Gallot

1. Can you tell more about you?(career/major/hometown/hobby...) 

Here is a link to my page at operandi agency

2. What are your responsibilities in " Rivières pourpres" ? Could you share the idea/ brief storyline of this Tv series?

I’m director of photography means that I’m in charge of the technical shooting process and the artistical look of the visual ."Les Rivières pourpres" aka "crimson river" are the stories of captain Pierre Niémans head of the Central Office against violent crime (OCCS). This confidential unit deals with the most complex cases, where the clues are few and where serial murders must be resolved as quickly as possible. Niémans team up with his best pupil and spiritual daughter, Camille Delaunay .

3. What is the creation process? How to make the shooting plan and equipment selection, etc.? What was the deepest feeling in the shooting process? 

It is the second project I’m working with Director David Morley . We started to prepare the shooting around 2 months before shooting day 1 . We talked about the necessity of bringing a new color palet to the show . The precedent seasons were basically very desaturated and soft contrasted . We bet on cooler atmosphere and warmer skins tons to create the new look for this season .Our contrast is harsher also with a low range of grey to reach the black . The production asked me if I was happy shooting with Sony Venice camera because they were happy with the result past season and also because we had to deliver a 4 HDR copy for ZDF (Germany) and Netflix . I accepted in exchange of shooting full frame with the whole 6K sensor . I’ve heard about DZO lenses since times but as they aren’t well know in France so I did tests with the Vespids. I was so surprised and happy with the results that we brought two set of prime on the shooting ! A good opportunity to work with two camera and the same lenses when shooting field and the reverse at the same time ! It’s more pleasant when the geometry of the lenses is equivalent on portrait! The look of DZO’s is unique , and it was a part of some decision I made during the shoot . For exemple using the amazing flare of the 16MM or the possibility to balance focus from a macro shot to a distance long without to much breathing (thanks to the amazing macro 90mm) .I enjoyed the little softness DZO give to skins , I never used any soft filtration during the shooting.I’m operating a Arri Maxima MX30 Gimbal as well, the compacity and lightness of the lenses were good allied to .

4. What is the chance to know about the DZOFILM brand ? What factors make you choose Vespid? 

Honestly I discovered the DZO brand during research on the internet . The brand is new in France and historically we mostly use other brand . I think it’s good to have fresh tools for creativity . I choose DZO for the different look , the large range of the focal lenses set , and the price also .

5. How is your feeling when you shooting with the DZOFILM Vespid Prime (color rendition/resolution/natural characterist/ etc..)? Any impressive moment that DZOFILM Vespid bring to you? 

I was looking for cool image with is easy to get with DZOs . In the same time the skin tons still looks warm and soft . From my tests I don’t see any false color balancing problems . 

6. As we saw you have done a lot works, What’s is the most important thing for a nice filmming from your point of view? What do you think about the "cinematic sense" ?

The most of the most important thing from my point of view is a good prep. Take some significant options on the gear and looks and stay as close as possible to your own point of view.The cinematic sens is to me a kind of personal interpretation of the beauty images can capture from all different kind of storytelling by using filming tools your crew and yourself. 

7. What are the challenges of video creation under the epidemic situation? 

Well , there is no bigger challenges than before unless taking care of the people around you and yourself even more.

8. We are looking forward to seeing your next project, can you tell me something about it? 

Haha ! At the moment I’m preparing a project with director Frederic Schoendoerffer. A story of French secret service agent.