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CATTA ZOOM × CANON R5—— Review from Viva Media


In this video, Viva Media is going to be reviewing DZOFILM full-frame parfocal butter smooth Catta Zoom cine lenses.

In this video, Viva Media is going to be reviewing DZOFILM full-frame parfocal butter smooth Catta Zoom cine lenses.

Who Is Viva Media?
Viva Media is an award-winning Toronto video production company & animation studio. They produce high-converting commercials, corporate videos & social ads for some the world biggest brands.

Shooting with Canon R5 with an RF mount, Catta Zooms are amazing choice if you're looking for a cinema quality lens on a budget.


You can see that all the time in tv sitcoms or documentary style filmmaking where the camera quickly puches in and crash zooms but still stays in focus. It is important to mention that CATTA ZOOM cine lenses are parfocal. Means that your stays in focus throughout the entire zoom range of the lens. When your lenses are parfocal, all you have to do is to set your focus on your subject either fully zoomed in or fully zoomed out. And that's it you pull perfect focus every time throughout the entire zoom range of the lens.

Quick Release Mount Design

When you change lens mounts, it may requires a lot of time and patience. Also when people do not have tools when you're out in the field or out on set. But DZO changes all of that simply unlock twist and the mount comes right off.

Catta COIN —— Rear Plug-in Filter Designed for Catta Zoom
Rear plug-in fliter effectively reduce the influence of flare and ghost,ensure the original high-quality performance.So that the creator could stimulate their imagination anytime and anywhere to create more possibilities for pictures.(Allowing users to chang ND/ Streak/ Star / Mist filter freely)

- DZOFILM double-sided nano coating reduces reflection and flaring
- PVD Anti-Fingerprint tablet prevents glass surface from fingerprints and retain cleanness
- Water and oil resistance
- Compact & Portable: Rear plug-in filters add amusement to filming experience
- Original rear filter designed maintains original clean images without flaring or ghosting

Awecome White Color
Get yourself a white red V-rapter and Catta Zooms and you will get a nice and beautiful set up.

Invisible Lens Breathing
When shooting on Catta Zoom, you feel smooth as if you are sliding on the butter.

Other Features:

-Focus: 270 Degrees of Rotation

-Zoom: 100 Degrees of Rotation

-Aperture: 75 Degrees of Rotation

-Tilta Nucleus M Wireless Focus

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