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The Last Dance: Drawing the Chinese Culture


Traditional industries affected by the Covid-19 epidemic can also be rejuvenated by modern technology.

Shot on Red Komodo + DZOFILM Pictor

With the new Covid-19 epidemic, even the lively and bustling Chinese New Year has become cold and quiet, and the Jinnyboy team has made a special microfilm for this purpose, starting from the description of a small lion dance school to show a small but warm story.

The following is an interview with the Jiinyboy TV team.

DZOFIM: Can you tell more about you and your team?

JinnyboyTV: JinnyboyTV was a youtube channel I started over 10 years ago just for fun because I found the camera generally amusing. I used to love editing anime cartoons to Linkin Park music and when technology allowed us to use DSLR cameras to shoot videos, I was intrigued and was really happy that was able to film images that you could only watch on cinema/TV

DZOFIM: Could you share the idea/ brief storyline of this film?

JinnyboyTV: The Last Dance, was inspired by the recent pandemic that hit the world, as we were fast approaching Chinese new year, we were well aware that this year’s CNY would be rather different from the previous years. But instead of just writing a story about how we can’t see our families, we wanted to talk about the businesses that were affect by this pandemic, and how some overcame this obstacle by innovating.

We chose the Lion Dance angle as most people can associate Chinese New Year with Lion Dances.

DZOFIM: What is the creation process? How to make the shooting plan and equipment selection, etc.?  What was the deepest feeling in the shooting process?

JinnyboyTV:The creation process in total took 1 and the half months. From scripting to shooting. This was the first time we were going to shoot with the REDCAM and to pair with it we used the DZO Pictor Zooms. Fun fact of this shoot was, it was a total of 4 days shoot all together, we wrapped on the eve of another lockdown because of the rising covid cases here in Malaysia. We were almost not going to finish this film.

DZOFIM: What is the chance to know about the DZOFILM brand ? What factors make you choose Pictor?

JinnyboyTV: We found out about Pictor Zoom through a fellow DP called Nicholas Chin, we have heard really good reviews about this lens and we thought we would give it a try, and we were really happy with the end results. We have done 4 shoots so far with the Pictor Zooms, both commercial and narratives.

DZOFIM: How is your feeling when you shooting with the DZOFILM Pictor Zooms (color rendition/resolution/breathing/natural characterist/ parfocal etc..)? Any impressive moment that DZOFILM Pictors bring to you?

JinnyboyTV: Dixon Koay (Director Of Phtogoraphy) The Pictor zooms was the perfect lens to pick up when shooting for our short film projects. When it comes to short films, I love having a more natural soft artsy look rather than clinically sharp lenses. The Color rendition for the skin tone is amazing, beautiful bokeh and also impressive minimum focus breathing especially with the 20-55mm T2.8!
And lastly effects such as crash zooming made it so much easier with its parfocal capability!
Overall the lens performed exactly how I intended it to be and I gotta say, at this price point, it’s almost a no brainier to own these beautiful babies!

DZOFIM: What's is the most important thing for a nice filmming from your point of view? What do you think about the "cinematic sense" ? How do you make your short film cinematic?

JinnyboyTV: We start with a simple story, the purpose of the story, and then we develop further from there. Some of the greatest stories out there are simple stories. And of course if you would like to make your film cinematic, you need to work with the right team, and with the right equipment.

DZOFIM: What are the challenges of video creation under the epidemic situation?

JinnyboyTV: There were a lot of Standard Operating Procedures and Protocols that we had to follow, and our entire crew had to be tested before the shoot, thankfully nothing bad happened on set, but it did limit us to shoot in crowded areas and it also affect our story writing a little as well.

DZOFIM: We are looking forward to seeing your next project, can you tell me something about it?

JinnyboyTV: We have shot 2 more films and we can’t wait to show them to you, be sure to follow us on our youtube channel youtube.com/jinnyboytv.com

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