Vespid Cyber Series - cine lenses


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DZOFILM Lenses: Unrivaled Flexibility and Quality in Professional Production


Hello, my name is Alex Grima. I'm a content creator and tabletop director. Having collaborated with DZOFILM optics for over a year, I've had the opportunity to utilize their lenses daily, especially the Gnosis Macro 24mm, 65mm, and the Vespid macro 90mm.These lenses are not just simple tools, they extend my creative vision, especially in the demanding field of tabletop video production. The Gnosis Macro lenses stand out for their ability to reveal the minutest details with astonishing clarity. Their capability to highlight objects at a macro scale turns every element into a captivating visual story, focusing on the details while smoothly blurring the background. This feature is essential for my productions where every detail matters. The Vespid macro 90mm,with its longer focal length offers a unique perspective and impressive depth of field ideal for adding dramatic impact to my projects. Its ability to capture textures and nuances of subjects precisely makes it an invaluable asset for my shoots where attention to detail is paramount. The excellent light transmission of these lenses ensures color fidelity and image vibrancy even in low light conditions, a major advantage in creating specific atmospheres and settings. Moreover, their robustness and reliability gives me the confidence to use them in varied shooting conditions, knowing they will always meet my expectations. A major advantage of DZOFILM optics for me has been their easy interchangeable mount system. Initially I used an EF mount but over time and especially for more demanding shots with a robotic arm, I switched to a PL mount this change was crucial to avoid unwanted vibrations during filming. The PL mount known for its sturdiness has allowed me to ensure greater stability of the setup an essential factor for obtaining sharp and precise images and complex motion configurations. The ergonomic design and ease of handling of the DZOFILM optics lenses make the shooting experience both enjoyable and efficient, allowing me to quickly adjust settings to capture the desired vision. In summary, the DZOFILM lenses, particularly the Gnosis Macro lenses have become indispensable elements of my equipment. Their superior optical performance, combined with their macro capabilities opens up a world of creative possibilities, enabling me to bring my ideas to life with unprecedented precision and beauty.







Hi, my name is Greg Najder. I'm a founder of phantom gravity tabletop production company. We have been working with DZOFILM lenses for quite a long time, especially with Gnosis Macro including 24mm,32mm,65mm and 90mm. These lenses are exceptional in quality and versatile. They allow us to capture stunning close up shoots with incredible details. The resolution superb, and the lenses are crazy sharp, providing us with the images that truly stand out. Working with Vision has been fantastic. Their team is incredibly supportive, and they understand the needs of creatives like us. This was a truly game changer for us. Because there is no other lens set like this on the market. The combination of a 24mm/32mm/65mm and 90mm macro lens provide us with unmatched flexibility and creative possibilities. The ability to adjust lens settings easily has changed the way we work and boosts our creativity to the new heights.





Hello,my name is Jose Carlos Villarino. And, together with Eloy Mora and Natalia Lopez, we work in Robolt,an audiovisual company specialized in motion control robotic arms and high-speed cameras.

The versatility that the DZOFILM lenses offers us is the main reason why we choose them as our go-to lenses. They are light and bright lenses. In addition, they have a shared diameter of 80mm,both the prime and the zoom lenses,allowing you to save a lot of time between the lenses changes in the same shoot,being the perfect combination for any type of camera that you want to mount on our robotic arm.

All DZOFILMFILM lenses share the same T2.1 aperture. In addition, they have the rings, both focus and iris,located at the same distance. Those rings have a large rotation angle of almost 270 degrees.

Also, DZOFILM lenses barely breathe,being able to achieve perfect rack focus. Usually ,we use prime lenses Vespid.But, sometimes we need to get even closer than the minimum distances that these lenses allow for those occasions, we always recommend the use of Gnosis macro lenses,which allow you to get the much closer and very precisely to the exact point that you are aiming for.

If there are different camera bodies in the set,that is not an obstacle for the DZOFILM lenses either , because they can easily adapt to any type of mount in a matter of minutes , be it EF,PL or any other. In addition, coverage needs are also met as they are prepared, not only for full frame,but also to cover the Vista Vision format. For all these reasons,we always recommend DZOFILM as our go-to lenses for any type of shoot, from the most independent production to the most demanding shoot. In our opinion, this is no other best value for money in the current audiovisual market.