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catta zoom

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  • Is the shim box universal?

    The shims of Catta zoom is different from other lenses. It contains two pieces of 0.02mm,  two pieces of 0.03mm, two pieces of 0.05mm and one piece of 0.1mm.
  • What is the size of the front lens cap of Catta zoom?

    The diameter is φ80mm/3.15".

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  • How to change the quick release mount?

    Please refer to the tutorial for quick release mount replacement:
  • What should I do if the mount becomes loose?

    Please check whether the mount is installed properly. Facing the mount, make sure that the Lock Lever Socket is at the top left side. Align the breach under the mount to the embossed screw on the mount plane, lay down the mount. Press the Lock Button and rotate clockwise till hear a sound of "clatter". Rotate the Lock Ring clockwise to the top. The mount is locked. For more details, ylease refer to the tutorial for quick release mount replacement:
    If the above method cannot solve your problem, please contact the after-sales service.


  • What are the differences between Catta Ace and Catta zoom?

    The main differences are as follows:
    Catta ace: φ43.5mm - φ46.5mm(VV/FF)
    Catta zoom: φ 43.5mm(FULL FRAME)

    Catta Ace: PL/EF/LPL mounts
    Catta zoom: E/RF/L/X/Z mounts

    (3)Focal range
    Catta ace: 18-35mm/35-80mm/70-135mm
    Catta zoom: 35-80mm/70-135mm

    Catta ace: black color
    Catta zoom: black or white color

    Catta ace: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
    Catta zoom: PC and glass fiber

    Catta ace: 1635-1850g
    Catta zoom: 1532-1597g
  • Do you have MFT-EF adapter?

    No, we don`t have the MFT-EF dapter. 

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