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catta ace

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  • Can Catta Ace use with speedboosters?

    Yes, with the 0.71x SpeedBooster, the imaging circle of Catta Ace can still reach 31.24mm, which can cover most S35 frame devices.

Back Focus


  • How to change lens mount between EF and PL?

    For the mount changing, please check out below Tutorial:
    Please noted that the suggested torque is 0.4Nm.
  • Can the PL/EF mount of Catta ace be installed on Catta zoom?

    No, the optical design and structural design of these two lenses are different and their mounts cannot be used interchangeably.
  • Can Catta Ace use E-mount?

    Catta Ace currently has three mount versions of PL/EF/LPL to choose from, and the E mount cannot be directly replaced. If it needs to be used on an E mount camera, it can be used with our Octopus series PL-E adapter ring.
  • Is the PL/EF mount of Catta ace the same as the rest of DZOFILM lenses?

    Some of them are universal. The PL/EF mount of Catta ace is compatible with the PL/EF mount of Vespid series, but not the PL/EF mount of Pictor.
  • What is the use of LPL mount?

    It is for large format cameras such as ARRI ALEXA LF and ARRI ALEXA Mini LF.


  • Can Catta Ace use with Catta coin?

    No, Catta coin can only be used for Catta zoom. 
  • Is the shim box universal?

    The shims of Pictor, Vespid, and Catta Ace are the same and can be used universally. It contains two pieces of 0.02mm,  two pieces of 0.03mm, one piece of 0.05mm, one piece of 0.1mm and one piece of 0.3mm.
  • What is the default value of the lens shims?

    Due to the adjustments of each lens at the factory, the mount shims may be slightly different. You can find out the shims number according to the following method:
    A shims box contains two pieces of 0.02mm, two pieces of 0.03mm, one piece of 0.05mm, one piece of 0.1mm and one piece of 0.3mm. The total number of the shims minus the shims of the shims box, it‘s the number of the original shims on the mount.
    If the above methods cannot solve your problem, please refer to the product manual or the back focus adjustment tutorial.
  • What is the size of the front lens cap of Catta ace?

    The diameter is φ80mm/3.15".


  • What are the differences between Catta Ace and Catta zoom?

    The main differences are as follows:
    Catta ace: φ43.5mm - φ46.5mm(VV/FF)
    Catta zoom: φ 43.5mm(FULL FRAME)

    Catta Ace: PL/EF/LPL mounts
    Catta zoom: E/RF/L/X/Z mounts

    (3)Focal range
    Catta ace: 18-35mm/35-80mm/70-135mm
    Catta zoom: 35-80mm/70-135mm

    Catta ace: black color
    Catta zoom: black or white color

    Catta ace: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
    Catta zoom: PC and glass fiber

    Catta ace: 1635-1850g
    Catta zoom: 1532-1597g

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