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pictor zoom

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  • Is the shim box universal?

    The shims of Pictor, Vespid, and Catta Ace are the same and can be used universally. It contains two pieces of 0.02mm,  two pieces of 0.03mm, one piece of 0.05mm, one piece of 0.1mm and one piece of 0.3mm.
  • What is the size of the front lens cap of Pictor?

    The diameter is φ95mm/3.74".


  • Can Pictor be used with cameras that have an MFT mount, such as the Blackmagic Design 4K Pocket Cinema?

    You could use the metabones adapter to change the Pictor’s  PL mount to M43:
  • What are the Pictor compatible cameras?

    Please refer to the compatibility table of Pictor Zoom:
    Please note that cameras not in this list have not been tested by us and do not mean they are not compatible.
  • Can Pictor be used with full-frame camera, such as LUMIX S1H Full Frame Mirrorless Camera, Sony - Alpha 7S III Full-frame Mirrorless Camera?

    Yes, Pictor can be used with some full-frame cameras. It is recommended to choose S35 mode. But we don’t recommend using Pictor with A7S3 because of the vignetting and the resolution is only 1080 after cropping.
  • Can Pictor be used on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K with a speedbooster?

    No. Pictor zoom is not compatible with speedboosters due to the optical design. So please do not try or you may damage your lens or adapter. You may consider our Linglung lens which has the MFT mount and can be used directly.
  • Is Pictor compatible with Canon R5‘s crop mode?

    Yes, but you need to set the the Canon R5 to 1.6x crop mode. In this way, you turn the camera to a APS-C frame which is small than Pictor’s S35 frame. So it will work. 


  • How to change lens mount between EF and PL?

    For the mount changing, please check out below Tutorial:
    Please noted that the suggested torque is 0.4Nm.
  • In addition to EF and PL mounts, can Pictor series support other mounts?

    Pictor comes with both PL and EF mounts, which can be transferred to RF/L/E/X mounts by using our Octopus adapters:
  • What is the length of the protruding part of Pictor’s PL mount?

    From mount plane to rear group top surface, it‘s 20.8mm.
  • Is the PL/EF mount of Pictor the same as the rest of DZOFILM lenses?

    No, it is not universal. The PL mount of Pictor is relatively long, and the EF mount is relatively small.

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