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vespid cyber

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  • What is the size of the front lens cap of Vespid Cyber?

    The diameter is φ80mm/3.15".


  • What is the difference between Vespid Cyber and Vespid Series?

    Vespid Cyber is based on the Vespid series, adding data acquisition and output functions (focus ring data), allowing the lens data to interact with other devices, resulting in more creative possibilities.
  • Has the imaging quality of Vespid Cyber changed compared to Vespid Prime?

    The Vespid Cyber maintains a consistent superior level with the Vespid series in terms of imaging. They have the same optical design.

How to

  • How to connect Vespid Cyber lens and DJI RS3 PRO?

    Please check out below VESPID CYBER Data Transmission Tutorial on our website:
  • What data can Vespid Cyber export?

    Vespid cyber has the data port, but the current data interface only supports communication with DJI RS3 PRO.


  • What type of data interface does Vespid Cyber have?

    "Lemo" interface on the lens end of Vespid Cyber , and "Type-C" interface on the receiving end of the device.
  • What is the function of the data interface of Vespid Cyber?

    It can be connected to the automatic focus system of DJI RONIN RS3 PRO through a data cable to realize automatic focus without calibration. Eliminate the cumbersome operations of calibration when installing and changing lenses, plug and play, and start shooting quickly.
  • What data can Vespid Cyber export?

    Through the Lemo to Type-C cable, the real-time focus distance data can be output externally.

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