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vespid retro

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  • What is the size of the front lens cap of Vespid Retro?

    The diameter is φ80mm/3.15".



  • About the Amber Hue, do you mean there is lens tuning capability or are you referring to tried and true methods of controlling flare and halation?

    The lens controls the generation and effect of flare and halation by adjusting the angle and intensity of the light, which can be adapted to more shooting themes.


  • Can Vespid retro be used with KOOP rear filter?

    Yes, Vespid retro can be used with KOOP rear filter.


Back Focus


  • What is the difference between Vespid Retro and Vespid Series?

    The main differences are as follows:
    (1) The coating colors are different, Vespid Retro is silver and Vespid Prime is black.
    (2) The picture of Vespid Retro is colder, and the style has a sense of retro.
    (3) The glare of Vespid Retro is golden yellow, which is obviously stronger than Vespid Prime.
    (4) Vespid Retro lenses are sold in sets only.

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