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VV / FF /VV / F16mm T2.8 / 21 / 25 / 35 / 40 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 125mm T2.1 & Macro 90mm T2.8Vespid Family AssembledF / T2.1-22 T2.1-22

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Cinematic Capturing Beyond Limits

21 | 25 | 35 | 40 | 50 | 75 | 100 | 125 mm T2.1
12 | 16 | Macro 90 mm T2.8 | Vista Vision / Full Frame


Innovative Design,
Inspiring Visuals

The Vespid Series offers superior image quality with a perfect balance of modern and vintage aesthetics. Its APO design produces sharp and accurate images with minimal chromatic aberration.

Gorgeous Bokeh, Aesthetic Appeal

Vespid lenses excel in optical precision, effectively controlling aberrations for remarkable resolution and true-to-life colors. They create soft and natural bokeh for organic and emotional images with smooth focus transitions, while their internal design minimizes focus breathing.

Precise Mechanism, Smooth Operation

The lenses are fully manual with 270° of focus rotation, giving you smooth and accurate focus control. The shared position of the focus and iris gears across the lens set allows for fast lens changes with minimal adjustment of lens accessories. The focus and iris rings are smooth to operate, allowing for precise adjustments to focus and exposure.

Broad Perspectives
Infinite Creativity

Vespid 12mm offers a diagonal field of view of 126° on Vista Vision format, with a horizontal view of 119° and a vertical view of 81°. While the ultra-wide-angle composition boosts cinematic and dramatic effects, the extremely expansive visual field offers stunningly rich details. This opens up more opportunities for visual storytelling.

Cine-standard Design for
Versatile Applications

The Vespid series covers a range of 11 focal lengths, from ultra-wide-angle to standard and telephoto, catering to diverse shooting scenarios. A comprehensive design adhering to industry standards ensures a consistent visual style.

Compatible with Vista Vision large-format sensors, these lenses meet the varied demands of independent filmmaking and large-scale productions.

  • Vespid Prime
  • Vespid Prime
  • Vespid Prime
  • Vespid Prime
  • Vespid Prime
  • Vespid Prime
  • Vespid Prime
  • Vespid Prime
  • Vespid Prime
  • Vespid Prime

Compact and Solid Build

The lens housing is crafted from a durable aluminum alloy, making it robust and reliable in various environments. The lenses' compact and lightweight designs make them ideal for handheld, gimbal, and drone work.

Vespid Prime

Inclusive Compatibility, Unlocking Potential

Vespid Prime lenses come with a versatile interchangeable mounting system that
accommodates both PL and EF mounts. They can also be used with other mounts compatible
with Octopus adapters. Additionally, the lenses have a filter thread size of 77mm, which enables
effortless use with a wide range of filters.

  • koop
  • octopus


Focal Length 12 mm 16 mm 21 mm 25 mm 35 mm 40 mm 50 mm 75 mm 90 mm 100 mm 125 mm
colour Black
Mount PL / EF
Aperture T2.8-T22 T2.1-T22 T2.8-T22 T2.1-T22
image circle φ46.5mm(VV/FF)
Construction of Optics 15 Elements in 10 Groups 14 Elements in 10 Groups 13 Elements in 9 Groups 12 Elements in 11 Groups 11 Elements in 9 Groups 10 Elements in 9 Groups 9 Elements in 7 Groups 11 Elements in 9 Groups 9 Elements in 7 Groups 10 Elements in 8 Groups
Flange Distance 52mm(PL)/44mm(EF)
Close Focus
(from sensor plane)
0.2m/8in 0.25m/10in 0.28m/11in 0.3m/1ft 0.46m/1.6ft6in 0.6m/2ft 0.258m/10.2in 0.7m/2ft4in 0.79m/2ft7in
Max.Mag. Ratio / 1.5X /
Iris control Manual (75°) Manual (50°) Manual (68°) Manual (63°) Manual (68°) Manual (58°) Manual (68°) Manual (83°) Manual (84°)
Focus control Manual (270°) Manual (300°) Manual (270°)
front Dia. ∮80mm/3.15"
(from lens front to flange plane)
72mm/2.83" 87mm/3.43" 100mm/3.94" 87mm/3.43" 112mm/4.41" 100mm/3.94"
Iris Blade 10 16
Filter Size M77 / M77
Gear Pitch 0.8 Mod
material Aluminum Alloy
Weight (Product) ≈725g ≈930g ≈880g ≈1021g ≈962g ≈905g ≈857g ≈887g ≈839g ≈945g ≈981g
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