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Vespid Prime

DZOFILM Vespid Prime - Professional Cine Lenses

16mm T2.8 / 21 / 25 / 35 / 40 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 125mm T2.1 & Macro 90mm T2.8

Vespid Family Assembled


Cinematic capturing beyond full frame (46.5mm)

Weigh only 732g-940g

Compact and Portable. convenient for documentary shooting

Like a Vespid, nimble and agile, easy to satisfy different shooting conditions

Swift and fast, easy to satisfy different shooting conditions,
no matter in a single unit or a whole group.

Your reliable filming partner

Negligible breathing effect,

creating an immersive scene.

Neutral color,fine and soft skin rendering,

represent the actual image.

A perfect companion between A-roll and B-roll


APO Design
Gentle Sharpness and Vivid Clarity

Appropriate sharpness generates cinematic feeling while expressing organic look and fine details. In accordance with standard of APO, Vespid Prime optimizes chromatic aberration one by one

Pleasing Round Bokeh

16-blade diaphragm design. achieve natural and soft bokeh, Organic and emotional images composed by esthetic transition during focus falling off

All is just to the point

Balance between modern and slightly vintage Consistent performance Solid construction keeps Vespid Prime functioning even under diverse environment

Rapport between scenes and final effect

Born for new era of motion pictures, Vespid prime , designed for indie filmmakers, perfect aberration correction . No obvious sharp edge nor bright spot.
  • KOOP Rear Filter

    Break the rules.This time, you will be the one who decide the Bokeh.
    Standard Set -- ND 4/ ND 8/ ND 16/ L365 UV Artistic Set -- Black Mist 1/4, Streak Filter, DIY Bokeh Filter

  • Interchangeable mount

    PL or EF Mount
    Applicable to Other Mounts with Octopus Adapters.

  • KOOP Rear Filter
  • Interchangeable mount PL or EF Mount


Focal Length 16mm 21mm 25mm 35mm 40mm 50mm 75mm 90mm 100mm 125mm
colour Black
Mount PL / EF
T-stop T2.8 T2.1-T22 T2.8 T2.1-T22
image circle ∮46.5(VV/FF)
optical construction 14 Elements in 10 Groups 13 Elements in 9 Groups 12 Elements in 11 Groups 11 Elements in 9 Groups 10 Elements in 9 Groups 9 Elements in 7 Groups 9 Elements in 7 Groups 11 Elements in 9 Groups 9 Elements in 7 Groups 10 Elements in 8 Groups
Flange Distance 52mm(PL)/44mm(EF)
Close Focus Dis.
(from sensor plane)(metric/imperial)
0.25m/10in 0.28m/11in 0.3m/1ft 0.46m/1.6ft6in 0.6m/2ft 0.258m/10.2in 0.7m/2ft4in 0.79m/2ft7in
magnification ratio / 1.5X /
Iris control Manual (rotation angle 50°) Manual (rotation angle 68°) Manual (rotation angle 68°) Manual (rotation angle 63°) Manual (rotation angle 68°) Manual (rotation angle 58°) Manual (rotation angle 68°) Manual (rotation angle 68°) Manual (rotation angle 83°) Manual (rotation angle 84°)
Focus control Manual (rotation angle 270°) Manual (rotation angle 300°) Manual (rotation angle 270°)
front Dia.(metric/imperial) ∮80mm/3.15"
Length(metric/imperial) 87mm/3.43" 100mm/3.94" 87mm/3.43" 112mm/4.41" 100mm/3.94"
Iris Blade 16
Filter Size / M77
Gear Pitch 0.8 Mod
material Housing: Aluminum Alloy
Weight ≈930g ≈935g ≈940g ≈834g ≈943g ≈732g ≈865g ≈800g ≈890g ≈924g

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