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DZOFILM Vespid 12mm T2.8 VV Prime Cine Lens Announced



After making its debut at Cine Gear Expo 2023, the Vespid 12mm T2.8 VV Prime Cine Lens finally went into the market today. As an addition to the widely-favored Vespid Prime Cine Lens Series, the brand new Vepsid 12mm Cine Lens completes the lineup in the smallest size and offers the widest field of view, seeking more possibilities of storytelling in an ultra-wide angle.



Smaller and Lighter

Measuring 72mm in length and weighing 725g, the Vespid 12mm T2.8 VV Prime Cine Lens outperforms most of its kind in dimensional features. The enhancements can boil down to 15 elements in 10 groups, and 2 aspherical lenses. Coupled with excellent resolution and well-controlled coma aberration, the Vespid 12mm ensures the imaging quality from center to edge, and outstanding rendering capability to reproduce authentic images.


Minimum focusing distance of 20cm

With a minimum focusing distance of 20cm and a shorter working distance of 7.5cm, the Vespid 12mm Prime Cine Lens excels in close shooting, stressing sense of tension and oppression by presenting rich details. More visual ways of storytelling will be explored backed by the Vespid 12mm Prime Cine Lens.


Convenient to use in diversified scenarios

The Vespid 12mm is compatible with mainstream interchangeable PL/EF mount and DZOFILM Octopus adapters, allowing more flexibility to match different cinematic cameras and maximizing its versatility. Featuring an 80cm front diameter, the Vespid 12mm can be equipped with 77mm thread filters. Armed with the threaded UV mirror, the lens can be protected from harm to a larger extent in high-speed aerial shooting. Additionally, the fast aperture T2.8 is more advantageous in allowing a large volume of light in terms of challenging low-light conditions, high-speed shooting, starry night shooting, etc.


Sold as a set, Smoother to get more inspired

Last but not least, the Vespid Prime Series consisting of 11 lenses supports sales in 10-lens kit, enlarging lens options based on various shooting needs, and enabling content creation a no-brainer technically. These 11 prime lenses are identical to each other in outside appearance and imaging styles, complementary with each other in resolution, focus breathing, etc. The focus ring and aperture ring of the same gear pitch - standard 0.8 Mod on the one hand allow decreased time in changing lens while shooting, enhancing filming efficiency; on the other hand well match with prevailing follow focus units.


Pricing and Availability

Starting today, the Vespid 12mm T2.8 VV Prime Cine Lens priced at $1,799 is available among DZOFILM authorized dealers and distributors around the world. The 2 versions of the 10-lens kit both retail for $13,199. (The difference between these two versions is one includes 12mm, while the other includes macro 90mm.)