Koop-filter-DZOFILM - cine lenses


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DZOFILM Koop Rear Filter set - for Vespid Prime & Catta Ace (PL mount) lenses

“Koop” Rear Filter set, allows to explore endless

inspiration for your Vespid Prime & Catta Ace (PL mount) lenses.

Engaging & Variable DIY Bokeh--You will be the one

to create difference.

Demo Video

Engaging & Variable

Detachable & Magnetic Rear Filters.
No change to weight center and image quality. Original filter design, brings protection to lens rear and also creates stylized image.

Standard Set

· ND 4/ ND 8/ ND 16

· L365 UV

Artistic Set

· Black Mist 1/4

· Streak Filter (Blue)

· DIY Bokeh Filter

ND4 ∕ ND8 ∕ ND16
Standard set

ND4 ∕ ND8 ∕ ND16

Control exposure and depth-of-field under various lighting conditions with three degree of ND(4/8/16).

Meticulous machining contributes the consistency on filters. Enable even exposure in unbalanced lighting conditions.

L365 UV

General protection for rear element, effectively reduces dust, moisture or scratches. Absorbs UV light and reduces bluish cast of daylight. Diminish the damage from sunlight to sensors. Nano multi-coating prevents loss of light.

Black Mist 1/4

Reserve more shadow details while softening the light.


Streak Filter
( Blue )

Flexible and controllable, just for your creative filming. Long blue anamorphic streak effect simulated when there is a strong light. Boosting the technical sense on the image.

DIY Bokeh

Unlock the game of Vespid Prime and Catta Ace Zoom (PL mount), and free your creativity. DIY Bokeh, adding flares, lower the sharpness...

Magnetic filter frame+ Bokeh Filter, the secret to unique bokeh. Start with D logo, Star, Lighting, Heart and Question Mark filters in the package.